50 Quarantine Haircuts That Prove Why We Need The Professionals

Crazy things happen in quarantine. Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we have all been self-isolating for about a month now and it is safe to say that it is getting weird. Suddenly, all of the services we depend on in regular every day life are no longer available… We can’t get our nails done, we can’t get our eyebrows waxed, and we definitely can’t go out and pay for a haircut right now.

While some of us are choosing to simply embrace our new, monstrous and hairy selves, others are resorting to some DIY treatments and, let’s just say, the results are very interesting. I mean, have you ever seen a woman saw off her hair with a kitchen knifeQuarantine, baby!

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only person who tried cutting her own hair over the last few days. We found tons of people with the same issue, so we picked 50 of the best.

1. Inconvenient timing

Source: Twitter
“Not a joke, my clippers just died,” Ben Rosen shared on Twitter along with this photo. If it’s not a joke, then why are we laughing so much? Not a great time for your tools to die.

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