50 People Who Shopped Online & Learned The Hard Way That “You Get What You Pay For”

Shopping online can have its advantages. It can be helpful to get up and take care of a shopping list on sleepless nights, or quickly shop for a needed item without having to get dressed. Currently with social distancing restrictions, shopping online has the added benefit of purchasing an item you can’t get due to retail shops being closed.

In contrast to the many positive points of purchasing online, there are annoying disadvantages too. Often, the website description or measurements do not match reality. Check out these 50 slides to see how anticipating the arrival of an online purchase can be met with huge disappointment or rolling-on-the-floor humor.


1.) Funky Christmas Sweater Gone Wrong


Source: Imgur/Unclaimed Socks
An item like this is purchased specifically to be an ugly Christmas sweater. However, this looks like it was sewn for one of Santa’s elves. Hysterical placement for the pockets!

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