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    50 Clever Stores That Are Incredibly Good At Making Customers Happy

    There are lots of stores that have stayed the same for decades. Year after year they do the same thing over and over. And they just want to take your money. But then there are other stores. Stores that innovate. These stores look for ways to reduce waste, save money, and make things more convenient […] More

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    50 Online Attention-Seekers Who Went Way Too Far For Social Media

      For the past years, social media has been more and more versatile and people who are trying their luck in earning from being “influencers” have also increased tremendously. These folks do all sorts of things just to earn the likes and shares they think they deserve. Aside from money, fame is also an important […] More

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    50 Quarantine Haircuts That Prove Why We Need The Professionals

    Crazy things happen in quarantine. Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we have all been self-isolating for about a month now and it is safe to say that it is getting weird. Suddenly, all of the services we depend on in regular every day life are no longer available… We can’t get our nails done, […] More

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    30 Seriously Brutal Evaluations Students Made About Their Professors

    Teachers evaluate their students all year long. But a few times a year, the tables are turned. This is student course evaluation time. It’s when students evaluate their teachers and their courses. These evaluations are anonymous. So you could imagine how brutal some of them are. Brutal and hilarious. Some teachers have a good sense […] More

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    35 Hilarious Families Keep Life Fun With Their Humor

    Some people have an incredible sense of humor. It just seems to come naturally. But have you ever met an entire family with an uncanny ability to make everyone laugh? Believe it or not…they exist. Those are the ones you want to be friends with since there’s never a dull moment. If you don’t know […] More

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